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Welcome to the West Wycombe Village Project Blog written by a National Trust volunteer and supported by the National Trust. If it's your first visit, find out more about the project in our about section.


"West Wycombe has a distinction of its own.
It is an example of an English village of the seventeenth century, practically unspoilt,
and its preservation is now permanently assured."

--William Weir and John Burrow Hill in the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts. Friday, August 18th, 1933.

This is a blog about the refurbishment work in West Wycombe Village.  As part of its Let Estate Project in Buckinghamshire the National Trust is refurbishing the West Wycombe Village. It owns more than 50 buildings which need repair work to meet modern environmental standards. They're upgrading  services, facilities, and re-roofing to meet current standards for insulation.

Nearly half of the buildings in West Wycombe Village are listed and therefore of national importance. Retaining much of their original timber-framed structure, they range in date from the early 16th century to the late 19th century and embrace a range of building materials and construction techniques reflecting changes of age, function and status.

To keep abreast of progress and the National Trust's repair work, stay tuned. Better yet, add your email to our list of blog followers to get updates as we publish.

The Blogger

I'm Nina Villaroman, a National Trust volunteer, blogger, local resident, new-mum and former journalist. American by birth I'm a good nosey neighbour tracking the National Trust's repair work which is due for completion in 2014. (I've lived all over the world from the Far East to the American West but the Chiltern countryside is home.)

Blogging Nina and National Trust  Project Manager, Mark Wells.

Part-time blogger, full-time mum. 

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