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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Thanksgiving and the holidays

The last Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in America where essentially people gather for an English style Christmas but they do it one whole month earlier. This is probably only relevant to expats like me but everywhere I look the Christmas holiday gears are churning. And why shouldn't they with only four Sundays left before Christmas day.

In West Wycombe, the project management team have been discussing the construction work over the holiday season. After last year's blistering winter, Project Manager Mark Wells prefers no roofing works to occur during January and February. This could be welcome new year news to residents who want a warm roof over their heads. Mark has been pushing the contractors to a deadline so they've been working like the clappers to finish by the end of this month.

After I mentioned floods and typhoons last time, I can report that West Wycombe Village held up during the recent storm and was left virtually unscathed.  In my neck of the woods the storm which left a couple fallen trees and many in my neighbourhood without power but West Wycombe had no structural damage. Even the scaffolding held up.

In fact, the scaffolding may even remain over the holidays if the Parish Council have their request granted. Apparently they're asking the National Trust to keep some scaffolding up so that they can place their Christmas decorations. How's that for functional and decorative.

Important but slightly more mundane matters discussed included contracts and the Long Term Cyclical programme which covers budget and expenditure. Much thought and consideration is being given to the second half of this refurbishment project and what can be achieved based on the money available.

I must be brief this week. I've got lots of birds to roast, heaps of food to cook and plenty of reasons to be thankful.

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