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Friday, 23 May 2014

Green Open Homes Event Friday 30th May

Blackboy Cottage is taking part in the Green Open Homes event.

There is a rare opportunity to take a proper peek inside a couple West Wycombe Village cottages during a Green Open Homes event next week.

The Green Open Homes network supports low-carbon open home events across the country through free resources and advice. 

On Open Home days volunteers who have made low carbon improvements to their homes share their experiences, demonstrating the benefits of renovations such as solar panels, solid wall insulation and draught-proofing.

These events take place all year round and across the country. During the month of May, homes have opened up in several places including Colchester, Manchester, Birmingham and North Oxfordshire. 

But why go that far. Come along next Friday and see close up the spectacular energy saving work on your neighbour's house. You'll get to lift the lid on the National Trust's refurbishment project and ask experts all about it.  

The national network for green open homes use a key to indicate the type of energy-saving improvements, and in West Wycombe Village these are: 
      • Low-cost improvements
      • High spec heating
      • Glazing
      • 'Big' insulation works
      • Sustainable building materials

Home page for the West Wycombe Village's Green Open Home event

Booking is required for s
caffold tours which will be taking place at 11am and 2pm on Friday 30th May.

To book on a scaffold tour of the cottage works in progress, please contact Louise Barcroft (Louise.Barcroft@nationaltrust.org.uk) at the National Trust. Because building work is involved, they need to know visitor names and numbers in advance.

Exact details of the properties will be available on the day and they ask visitors to please report to Blackboy Yard, where a member of the National Trust team will direct you to the open homes.  

For more information visit this Green Open Homes link. 

You can find an event in your area on the Green Open Homes website.

Scaffolding covering one of the energy-saving cottages.

Big insulation works were done under the roofs of these cottages.

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